Windows, Brush Stripping and Soffit installation

Been a few weeks since my last post, but work has continued. Spent most of this past weekend and the weekend before working on the roof skirt and brush stripping. The skirt is made from 48 inch wide, 8 inch high sections of 12 inch on center plywood siding with a small 1 inch strip of OSB attached to the bottom edge. Attached to the OSB is an aluminum brush strip holder. One the east and west sides of the building, this skirt assembly holds the brush stripping at a 45 degree angle, hanging below the top of the wall. This should keep most stuff out – time will tell.

Here are some pics of the completed east and west skirts:

East skirt partial installation
Roof Retraction test with east skirt installed. Had to make some adjustments to keep skirt from dragging in one area.
West Side Skirt installed

While waiting for paint to dry on some of the skirt sections – I went ahead and cut in two of the six 12×12 shed windows. This turned out to be more difficult that I expected – keeping a sawzall or sabre saw straight without shaving the window frame proved to be a challenge. Will have to think about how to do this better with the remaining windows.

Here are some pics – the windows are from Shed Windows and More:

West Side flap windows – turned out to be a little close to the hinge (OOPS)

This past weekend I spent some time installing the north and south side brush striping on the roof seams. I decided to hang these on the inside of the building using the same brush stripping, but this time with straight aluminum holders. The brush stripping is 1″ long, and makes a good seal when given 1/2″ to 3/4″ clearance. The stripping and holders are from North Shore Commercial Door.

Lastly Tif and I installed soffits on the roof eves on the east and west sides, basically 9″ wide of 1/4 inch plywood.

Here are some pics:

North brush stripping seam
Close up of inside of west skirt showing OSB strip that brush strip bracket is attached to.
East side soffit completed

Next weekend I will continue with sealing soffits and installing the remaining windows.

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