Network Wiring, Computer, and LX200!!

This past weekend I finished up enough of the remaining items at Lozwott to be able to begin system testing! The termination and testing of 10 CAT 6 ethernet connections, turn-up of the fiber and Cisco 2960 switch that uplinks the facility to the the house network and the internet, installation of a control room PC (running Archlinux and Window 10 in dual-boot configuration), and some additional control room led lighting. Lastly, I finalized roof cam latch installation to make the roof as secure as possible when closed. Lastly, I moved my 12″ Meade LX200 Classic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope to its initial home in the observatory – a truly monumental step in this journey. Here are some pictures:

Cisco 2960 and Patch panel in control room
Leviton CAT 6 ports in the telescope room
LX200 leveled and Ready!
She’s a big beauty, standing more than 6ft tall in this orientation
View of telescope room from control room
Lots of dimmable red lighting

Next steps are system testing, and finishing up telescope room wall flaps so that they can be opened and closed as needed for use. There is also a 12.5″ home-made Newtonian that will eventually make its way to the telescope room, but it will need some TLC and a new paint job before that happens.

One comment to Network Wiring, Computer, and LX200!!

  • Frank Kerr  says:

    hey, rett… your old man shared your website address. impressive work. look forward to seeing images from “out there” when you’re ready to post.


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